Water Shortage Contingency Plan

To prudently manage water supplies during shortages, the Water Authority has utilized several drought planning documents.

Messages that encourage immediate conservation are part of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

In 2006, the Water Authority and its member agencies developed and the Water Authority’s board approved the Drought Management Plan (DMP). The DMP outlined a series of orderly, progressive steps that the Water Authority and its member agencies could take during shortages to minimize impacts to the region’s economy and quality of life.

In 2012, the DMP’s municipal and industrial supply allocation methodology was updated and the document was renamed the Water Shortage and Drought Response Plan (WSDRP).

To ensure that the Water Authority and its member agencies continued to proactively plan for future water supply shortages, the Water Authority revised its WSDRP in 2017 and renamed it the Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP). The WSCP incorporates elements not previously included in the WSDRP, including a new section on catastrophic water shortage planning, guidelines to manage carryover storage, and procedures to perform an annual water supply reliability analysis.