Water Rates & Charges

The Water Authority Board sets water rates and charges to recover the cost of providing service to its 24 member agencies, pursuant to legal requirements and industry standards. Retail customer rates are set by member agency governing bodies.


Below is a comprehensive listing of all current Water Authority rates and charges as well as certain rates and charges of the Metropolitan Water District. In addition,  historical rates, terminology, connection charges, and links to pertinent Board documents, are available.

Rates & Charges

View information on the Water Authority’s and MWD’s overall rates and charges for the current calendar year, as well as historical information; also includes terminology and the Water Authority’s rate adjustment for IAWP credits.
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Monthly Member Agency Fixed Charge Allocation

View a breakdown of member agency fixed charge components that include Readiness-to-Serve, Capacity, Customer Service, Emergency Storage, and Infrastructure Access charges.
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Capacity Charges

View information concerning System and Water Treatment Capacity charges  (per meter size).
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Board Documents

Provides links to current and past Board documents regarding rates and charges.
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