H2O Central!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Water That You Didn't Know to Ask. 

This is the spot for fun brochures, websites, and links to games.  Look around, stay a while.  You might just find something cool.

Sites with lots of information, activities, and games:

This site offers games, interesting facts, and animations for grades K-9.
Drinking Water and Ground Water Kids' Stuff

Information for upper grades. Includes lots of facts, figures, and technological information.  Great resource!
USGS Water Science For Schools Website

Coloring and Comic Book:

Super Water Savers Coloring Book

Links to Games:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to help the Wilson family reduce their water consumption.  Each area of the house has a different game. (Australian website)

Move the water-efficiency hero Flo through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions, while avoiding water-wasting monsters.

Keep the tank full or your fish will go down the drain. Classic matching game with a twist.

Reference Brochures:

The Past, The Present, The Future- A tale of San Diego County’s Water


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