Social Media Policy

A) Purpose

1. The Water Authority has established a website and several social media (e.g. Facebook:, YouTube:, Twitter: @sdcwa or sites to facilitate its communications. Water Authority posts may include:

  • News and updates on Water Authority activities, projects, programs and events
  • News and updates on national, state, regional, or local water related issues
  • Invitations to provide feedback on specific issues related to Water Authority
  • Announcements of Board meetings and available documents
  • Live coverage of events
  • Emergency updates

This policy establishes the ground rules for operation and use of the Water Authority’s social media sites.

B) Policy

1. Site Management – The Water Authority’s social media accounts are managed by the Water Authority’s Public Outreach and Conservation Department. The Water Authority may decline any advertisement or remove any post that violates this policy.

2. Disclaimer – Content placed on the Water Authority’s social media sites by the Water Authority’s followers, advertisers, or social media channel owners or vendors, does not represent the views, policies, or positions of the Water Authority, or its directors or management.

3. Following – The Water Authority may choose who to follow and when to comment, and may change its following at any time.

4. Site Monitoring and Updating – The Water Authority will update and monitor its social media accounts during regular business hours. The Water Authority may update and monitor its social media accounts during non-regular hours during emergencies or other special circumstances, at its discretion. Third-party social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media accounts may occasionally be unavailable. The Water Authority is not responsible for the lack of service.

5. Social Media Postings – The Water Authority welcomes feedback through its social media channels and at its sole discretion may opt to respond to comments and postings. All comments and materials posted by the public must comply with the third-party social media sites’ Terms of Use. The Water Authority may remove any comments/postings, etc. posted to its social media sites.

6. Changes to Site Functions – The Water Authority may change any functionality of its social media site at any time and to change the format or functionality of postings.

7. Right of Termination – The Water Authority may terminate any Water Authority social media site at any time.

8. Emergencies – Emergency information may be distributed through the Water Authority’s social media sites in addition to other communication methods. Social media users should not rely solely on any of the Water Authority’s social media channels for communication during emergencies. If you are experiencing issues with your water service, please contact your retail water provider or click here. If the matter is urgent related to a Water Authority facility or leak, please call 911 or Water Authority at (858) 522-6600 or after hours at (760) 480-1991.

9. The Water Authority may change, modify, or amend all or part of this policy at any time.