SCOOP (Business Skills) Training

Are you looking to increase your business opportunities? Is your firm seeking more useful information on contracting in the public works arena?

The SCOOP business skills training program offers no-nonsense training sessions that focus on essential skills for doing business with the Water Authority. Through the program, the Water Authority seeks to provide businesses with:

  • Connections to prime contractors and consultants
  • Networking opportunities
  • Courses based on industry needs
  • Real information that’s worth your time

Current Course Offerings

For more information or to register for currently scheduled courses, visit or call 1-888-20-SCOOP.


Mentor Protégé Program

Public Works Construction

The Mentor Protégé Program, in cooperation with the city of San Diego and the Associated General Contractors, is a community-based effort involving leaders of major prime and subcontractor organizations, financial and bonding institutions, and several public agencies. Sponsored in part by the San Diego County Water Authority, the Mentor Protégé Program is a deliberate effort to overcome barriers that typically inhibit or restrict the success of emerging construction companies. The program is designed to produce a broad base of high quality, competitive and profitable construction companies through incremental improvement.

Construction Application

Selection is conducted through an application/interview process. The San Diego County Water Authority's Small Contractor Outreach and Opportunities Program (SCOOP) is a member of the Advisory Board responsible for selecting the participants.