Quantification Settlement Agreement Programs

The environmental programs staff is responsible for providing technical advice to, developing and managing contracts for, and assisting with the implementation of environmental projects to support the QSA lead agencies – Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD). The primary QSA activities supported by staff are the IID Water Conservation and Transfer Project, IID All-American Canal Lining Project and CVWD Coachella Canal Lining Project.

IID Water Conservation and Transfer Project Draft Imperial Valley Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and Future Natural Communities Conservation Plan (NCCP)

In October 2003, IID adopted the Water Conservation and Transfer Project Final EIR/EIS. IID is responsible for implementing mitigation measures pursuant to the draft HCP and state and federal permits associated with that program. Since then, the Water Authority has worked with IID, CVWD, and the resource agencies to implement mitigation measures required by the plan and permits. Key project compliance and mitigation that has been implemented to date include baseline surveys of sensitive species in Imperial Valley, studies of desert pupfish and potential effects of agricultural drain water, and creation of over 350 acres of marsh and riparian wetland habitats. 

All-American Canal Lining Project

Construction on the All-American Canal Lining Project began in 2006 and was completed in April 2010. IID, assisted by Water Authority staff, developed plans for and have implemented habitat creation for 44 acres of wetlands and 30 acres of sand dunes, alternative water sources for deer, and acquired over 1,025 acres of habitat for the flat-tailed horned lizard. 

Coachella Canal Lining Project

Construction began in 2004 and was completed in 2008. CVWD, assisted by Water Authority staff, developed plans for and have implemented over 50 deer drinkers and exclusion fencing along the new lined section, begun restoration of 352 acres of desert riparian habitat, planted over 4,000 desert trees, created 17 acres of created marsh, and constructed a 50-acre warm water fishery pond.