Future Planning

The Water Authority’s future planning program focuses on long-term water resources planning. Through this program, the Water Authority works with other agencies to estimate future water demands and identify necessary facilities and supplies to meet these demands.


To assist in accomplishing this program, the Water Authority engages in a variety of supply planning efforts. Every five years, the Water Authority prepares an Urban Water Management Plan that identifies the projected water resource mix. Preparation of the Plan involves updating the regional water demand forecast and conservation savings projections, documenting the supplies, and coordinating with member agencies on local supply projections.

Periodically, the Water Authority will prepare a Regional Water Facilities Master Plan that identifies the proper facility mix to best meet current and future water demands.  Another important element of water resources planning is on-going coordination with others involved in the areas of water management – water quality and natural resources – to ensure a comprehensive, regional, and integrated approach to water management within San Diego. Updating the region’s Integrated Regional Water Management Plan along with securing and managing outside funds are both essential elements to accomplishing this effort.