Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)?
What is the Emergency Storage Project (ESP)?
What is the importance of investing in local water resources? What is a local resource?
Who do I contact about local water use requirements, water rates, my water bill or water leaks?
Why and how should I conserve water? What conservation programs are available through the Water Authority?
What is done to ensure that the quality of water is safe?
Does the Water Authority perform water quality monitoring?
What regulations govern water testing?
Is bottled water safer than tap water?
Who do I contact if our organization would like a speaker to make a presentation on the Water Authority's plans and programs?
How much water is in an acre-foot?
Who serves on the Water Authority Board of Directors? Are they elected or appointed?
What is the relationship between the Water Authority and its 24 member agencies?
Where does San Diego County's water come from?
What is the San Diego County Water Authority?