General Manager's Office
The General Manager’s Office manages and directs the activities of the Water Authority. In particular, the office implements the Board’s Strategic Plan and policies through the programs in the Business Plan; oversees the Water Authority’s extensive infrastructure system; communicates and advocates adopted policy positions and programs of the Water Authority to local, state, and federal officials and agencies; and provides staff assistance to the Board of Directors.
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General Counsel's Office
The General Counsel is the Chief Legal Officer of the Water Authority and manages all legal affairs for the Water Authority Board and staff. Specifically, the General Counsel ensures that Water Authority business is conducted according to all applicable state, federal, and local laws and regulations; provides legal support to assist the accomplishment of the Water Authority’s policy goals; and represents the Water Authority, its officers and employees in litigation and administrative proceedings.
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Administrative Services Department
The Administrative Services Department provides services that support the efficient operations of the Water Authority. Responsibilities include risk management, procurement and administration of the Water Authority’s business insurance (including claims management), development of policies and procedures, purchasing and regulatory compliance, procurement support for solicitation and contracts, cybersecurity for the business network, maintenance of critical computer software applications, maintenance and development of websites and online dashboards, acquisition and maintenance of computer hardware and cloud services, maintenance and development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) datasets, audio and visual support for conference rooms and the Board room, administration of the records management program, management of the front desk reception, and facility management for the Kearny Mesa building and grounds.
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Colorado River Program
The Colorado River Program oversees the Imperial Irrigation District water transfer agreement, the All-American and Coachella Canal lining projects, and cooperative projects with the Colorado River Basin States and Mexico. The program also aims to build community and regional support for the Water Authority in the Imperial Valley, especially relating to the Quantification Settlement Agreement and other water transfers.
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Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for the design and construction of new regional water facilities in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP); rehabilitating or replacing facilities identified as part of the Asset Management Program; identifying and employing value engineering of design concepts to optimize facility and aqueduct system performance; managing major emergency facility repairs; and providing overall CIP programmatic monitoring and controls. It also manages the Water Authority’s real-estate interests by managing the acquisition, disposal, and lease of real property; patrolling and managing 168 miles of right of way; administering the deferral of standby water availability charges; and providing survey services. In addition, the department provides technical support to other agencies, departments, and member agencies.
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Finance Department
The Finance Department has a broad range of responsibilities. These include accounting, financial reporting, payroll, deferred compensation, and accounts payable and receivable —including reporting, billing and collection of water charges, budget oversight, and internal controls. The department is also responsible for investing and borrowing funds, protecting credit ratings in the investment market, developing long-range financing plans in support of the Capital Improvement Program, advising on proposed policy decisions, and providing oversight of imported water activities.

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Government Relations Department
The Government Relations Department implements the state and federal legislative and governmental relations programs. The Department executes Board strategies and policy direction relating to legislative, regulatory, and Administration issues at the state and federal levels, advocates Board positions on legislation, develops advocacy coalitions throughout the state, and coordinates the organization’s legislative affairs with external audiences in San Diego, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C.
Metropolitan Water District Program
The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Water Supplies program monitors, evaluates and manages the Water Authority’s relationship with MWD. The program serves as a liaison to water agencies throughout the MWD service area and state and federal officials, and aims to promote and explain the Water Authority’s positions on issues affecting MWD supply reliability, quality, and cost. It also supports the Water Authority’s delegates to MWD and coordinates the efforts of the delegates, management, and the MWD staff.

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Operations and Maintenance Department
The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Department is responsible for operating the Water Authority’s aqueduct system; ensuring facility security and emergency preparedness; and maintaining and managing the fleet and various other assets. Specifically, the department controls water deliveries to meet member agency demands; manages dam and reservoir operations; ensures water quality; oversees water treatment plant and power generation operations; maintains all vehicles and heavy equipment; provides electro-mechanical support; implements the Aqueduct Protection Program (APP); complies with all applicable environmental regulations; and develops and manages computerized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and system maintenance programs.
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Public Affairs Department
The Public Affairs Department establishes, fosters, and strengthens relations with news media representatives, business and civic organizations, civic leaders, school-age children, and members of the general public to build and enhance support of the Water Authority’s programs, projects, policies, and services. The department employs a range of regional outreach to support conservation and communicate the Water Authority’s priorities and messages; anticipates and addresses community concerns related to Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects and repairs; and seeks to maximize the participation of small businesses on Water Authority projects and procurements. The department also supports member agency efforts to maintain or reduce per-capita water use through managing, coordinating, and implementing a core set of programs and initiatives focused on facilitating long-term behavioral change and market transformation.
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Water Resources Department
The Water Resources Department is responsible for water supply planning and long-term facilities planning. The department also administers the water Shortage and Drought Response Program; provides member agency assistance in local supply development; engages in regulatory advocacy and regulation development; manages Water Authority involvement in the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and grants administration; and ensures environmental regulatory compliance of Water Authority programs and projects.
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